The Lebara awards and prizes at a glance

Lebara: Outstanding Network

According to the connect mobile-network test (issue 01/2024), Sunrise offers the best mobile phone services, the highest quality of broadband coverage for mobile Internet and the largest 5G network in Switzerland.

Despite ever-increasing testing requirements, Sunrise was the only provider in the new connect mobile-network test to be rated «OUTSTANDING» for the eighth time in a row.

Customer satisfaction

The independent online comparison service moneyland.ch conducted a representative survey of satisfaction levels among Swiss mobile service customers. Lebara scores "good" and occupies one of the top positions.

5G Mobile Experience Awards

Sunrise wins in 4 different categories: 5G Video Experience, 5G Games Experience, 5G Download Speed, 5G Upload Speed.

Network coverage

Explore our excellent network with the interactive map of Sunrise. Find out about mobile coverage anywhere in Switzerland, even at home!