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Expand your plan with our 5G option.

Ultra short reaction timesMaximum speed up to 2 gbit/sLifetime discount

CHF 4.50 9.–

5G coverage in Switzerland

Sunrise started operating its first 5G antenna in Switzerland in the summer of 2018. Less than a year later, they now have the most expansive 5G network in the country. It is no coincidence that many of the locations equipped with 5G are outside densely populated areas. Sunrise is initially focusing on providing ultra-fast 5G internet service to customers who lack fiber optic connections at home or at their businesses.

Ultra-short response times
Maximum speed
Expanded capacity
Enjoy a more reliable connection at the busiest spots, a speed you’ve never experienced before, and immediate connectivity. The new 5G standard was developed to provide a more efficient and powerful communication and it comes with a range of advantages.